Looking for field service technology?

IVO is the leader in the Asia Pacific region.

We all know the benefits of automation and technology for both small and larger service operators; improved customer satisfaction, automated job scheduling, quality and accuracy of job information, reduced travel time and of course reduced costs.

But in the maze of options available where do you go to get the best solution for your business? How do you know what you need, and more importantly how do you get the best solution up and running with maximum benefit in the shortest time possible?

Why not partner with the leaders in the field, IVO.

With a 10 year track record, IVO are the Field Services experts in the Asia Pacific Region. Our reputation has been built on our specialist knowledge of Oracle Field Service Cloud – the world’s leading cloud-based workforce management system.

With our extensive experience and expertise in working with field service products we were able to recognise, several years ago, that ETAdirect, now known as Oracle Field Service Cloud, was best in class and provided a set of features second to none. And now, through our relationship with Oracle we have continued to capitalise on the latest training, product offerings and knowledge, essential in the ever changing world of technology, to ensure that we have the largest and most experienced team available to support Oracle Field service cloud projects in the APAC region.

IVO can partner with you to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs quickly by providing you with the best field service solution for your business.

Think about that; improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs in a few short months. Don't hesitate, why not talk to IVO today and see what they can do for your business.