Are you getting the most out of Oracle Field Service Cloud? Part 6: Ongoing Measures Monitoring

As the leading Oracle Field Service Cloud implementation partner in the Asia Pacific region, IVO is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and reduce inefficiencies. In this multi-part series, we will look at how organisations can get the most out of their investment in Oracle Field Service Cloud.


Once the routing trials have finished and feedback has been gathered, the last element in targeting 98% accuracy for work assignment is:

Ongoing Measures Monitoring

Just like the engine of a Ferrari, the sophisticated Oracle Field Service Cloud routing engine needs monitoring and maintenance.

As discussed in Part 2, Current Baseline Measures, these previously defined measures used to baseline operational performance in the context of work assignments must be monitored and action taken where required. For example, if data work skills are not effectively maintained, then activities will begin being assigned incorrectly. This degradation may not be noticed initially, but the effects of not monitoring this over time will cost money and customer satisfaction.

Reviewing the metrics daily and taking action will ensure that the routing engine is running optimally and that the original solution investment, and any subsequent optimisation investment, are maximised.


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